Firmware for LTE-M IoT Kit

Hi there. I am trying to get started with using the LTE-M IoT Communications kit with a Raspberry Pi. I followed the tutorial for setting up, but the dashboard still reads “Cellular Connection Unavailable.” I also noticed that the firmware version is listed as “Unknown.” Is it necessary for me to install new firmware on the modem before I can use the kit? If so, I have seen in previous posts that attempting to had resulted in the kit no longer being operational. Is there a warranty or other actions I can take if this occurs?

Vendor: Telit
Name: ME910C1-WW
Firmware: Unknown

I have exactly the same problem. Only with the WLAN the connection works.

After I could not connect the module on the Windows PC and RPI4, I updated the firmware version to Telit ME910C1-WW firmware V.30.00.XX9 (M0B.800005).

Unfortunately it still does not work. My next guesses are:

  1. module is brocken
  2. it does not work for the Swiss network. (Will clarify this exactly next week).

Hope someone still has an idea, otherwise I will order another module… (but not ME910) :smiley:

Best regards

In case your kit is still giving you trouble, we ran further tests and found that the module was faulty (see post).

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