Fan Dead on Arrival?

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re all doing well!

I received my Power HAT yesterday, followed the setup instructions in the Getting Started video/guide, and am unable to get the fan to power on (either directly via Python API or indirectly via system agent). The Power dashboard shows a red dot next to “Fan Health,” and the get_fan_health() API method returns a 2.

Some basic debugging notes:

  • My multi-meter reads ~5V at the HAT’s + pin
  • When the system temp exceeds the fan threshold, the P pin reads ~3.3v
  • When the system temp is below the fan threshold, the P pin reads ~0V
  • The fan’s wires don’t appear damaged at either end
  • Bypassing the HAT’s pins and connecting the fan directly to the Pi (+ to 5V, P to 3.3V, - to G) doesn’t cause the fan to spin
  • I have another small 5V fan that only has power and ground connections; if I connect it to the HAT’s + and - pins, it spins as expected
  • 8GB Pi 4
  • Firmware version 0.2.7
  • Software version 0.1.5

It certainly seems like the fan that shipped with the HAT was dead on arrival, but then again, I could be missing something completely obvious. Any thoughts?

By the way, other than the fan issue, I’m thrilled with the HAT specifically and Sixfab in general :heart_eyes:

Thank you!

Hi Robert,
Thanks for letting us know. We are very sorry for what happened.
Please email to your shipping address and our team will contact you right away.

Thanks :yellow_heart: