Error Connecting to GPS

Hi, I’m currently having an issue connecting to GPS.

I was following your tutorial Read GNSS/GPS Data with Sixfab Shield/HAT and I was not able to get it to work I then tried running the AT Commands and this is the response I received:

+QGPS: 0

+QGPS: 0 should be +QGPS: 1 but it is not.

I then run AT+QGPSCFG?

I am using Quectel EC25-AUT with the Sixfab 3g/4g/LTE base hat.

Internet connection works fine and is able to browse the internet with a signal quality of 19,99 however I can’t get the GPS to work.

Can you please help?

Hello Fabio,

Make sure the GPS/GNSS antenna is connected to the right port of the mini PCIe and the antenna is faced to the sky.
Could you please share the output of the python3

To check the GPS manually,
Open 2 terminals for minicom:
minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB1 to observe the NMEA Sentence.
minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB2 to send the AT commands
Now send the following AT commands
AT+QGPS? # to check if the GPS is on(1) or off(0)
AT+QGPS=1 # turns on the GPS, as soon as it turns on NMEA sentence can be observed on ttyUSB1

Here, check the NMEA Sentence flow from the ttyUSB1 and wait for the 3D fix.

Hi @saeed,

Using AT+QGPS=1 seems to have fixed the issue I was having. The GPS was returning 0 thus being off, as as soon as I turned it on it started working.