Enabling SSH through EC25-A

Good morning, first and foremost I love what y’all do and the products I have tested so that’s dope! The issue I am running into now is I am trying to utilize a service provided by SORACOM. I’m utilizing one of their IoT SIM’s and things are up and running but they have an interesting service called On-Demand Remote access which creates a port that will allow SSH connections P2P. I have attempted it many times over this past weekend and the service is working from SORACOM to the EC25-A but then get’s killed by my device.

After speaking with their customer service they proposed the idea that it might be something with my hardware so I wanted to check with y’all to see if that could be correct and if it is how do I go about fixing that.

Hi @richard.greene,

It would be best for you to contact the module manufacturer directly.