Emulate PWRKEY on App Shield

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I’ve been trying to set up my Sixfab IoT Application Shield to turn off for an interval and turn back on to transmit data to no avail. I can successfully disable/enable the BG96 Module or turn the whole board off and on but I cannot seem to accomplish whatever hitting PWRKEY does (Stat light comes on and Net light when it connects to a network).
How would I do this in software?
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Still haven’t found a solution.


Sorry for delaying the response.

You can use GPIO 11 to function it in program.


Thanks for the response,
Normal Behavior at boot: PWR Light on, EN Light on
Drive pin 11 for 750ms: PWR Light on, EN Light goes off
Drive pin 11 for 750ms again: nothing happens

If I drive pin 26 (BG96_ENABLE) EN goes back on and it’s like I just booted it.

if I hit PWRKEY (while enable is on) the STAT light comes on and then the NETL light comes on after a few seconds. This is what I’ve been attempting to emulate to no avail.

Thank you

Edit: This is the code I’m usingUntitled

There has to be a way to do this in software, right?

Judging from the schematics, the PWRKEY grounds PWRKEY_D, which is the same thing that driving PWRKEY_PIN accomplishes through a BJT. In this case the behavior of driving pin 11 should be exactly the same as pushing the button but it isn’t. Could I have a defective product?

Edit: If I manually apply 3.3v to GPIO 11 (Pin 23) the net light comes on like if I push the button, so it must be an issue between the rpi and GPIO.
Edit2: I’m using a Rasperry Pi 2 Model B

Whenever you set up the enable GPIO it defaults to the low state and disables the module. Removing that section of the code solved the issue.
If anyone comes across the same problem, here’s the simplest way to accomplish this.