ECM mode start on boot


I followed the guide here and it works well.

I was wondering how to make a connection automatic on boot?


Ok, so maybe I was premature to say it works well. I find I can make a connection initially but if I reboot I am unable to connect to the Pi whether by VNC locally or remotely or by SSH. I am running headless so I get locked out. It seems the sixfab module kills any other connection like WiFi as sixfab takes priority and as it currently doesn’t reconnect on boot I get locked out. :unamused:


How about trying Sixfab CORE?
This might be the solution you are looking for.

I just had a look at Sixfab CORE Very easy setup, great, but I have a vodafone SIM, £10/month for 15GB. 15GB on Sixfab CORE would cost $1502!!

I have found an easier solution. I have an old iPhone 6S (which can be purchased for less than £100). Run “sudo apt install usbmuxd” on the raspberry pi, plug in iPhone via USB to lightning cable and wala, all working no problems. I wish I could use sixfab but it is just too difficult.

I have noticed that the LTE hat will make connections in the same IP subnet as my actual WiFi connection. The quick way for me to fix it was to blacklist the kernel module (making the device unusable). If this is the problem, you might have to alter your network setup.

I don’t know where the LTE hat connection details come from, but if those can be set to something that doesn’t interfere, that’d be great.

I don’t know if it’s the default for sixfab devices, or sent from the provider. I suspect the former, in which case, sixfab is responsible for another bug.