EC25 variant for travel router


I’m piecing together a Rpi4-based travel router, and am zeroing in on the Sixfab hardware to provide the LTE-modem parts. Forgive me if this is obvious, but since I’ll be traveling a fair amount between EU, US, and SEA, I’m having a hard time picking which variant of the EC25 module that’d work for me. Most often it’ll be a Google Fi SIM card, as I have unlimited data on that, but there’ll be times when picking up a local SIM makes more sense. I’m a bit confused as of to the selection, like, is the -EU version really only gonna work in Europe? Most modern phones work world-wide, so it’d be a bit surprising if I had to buy a bunch of modules and swap them out depending on region.

I guess to boil it down to the simplest of questions: which EC25 module should I choose to have LTE coverage in the locations I’ll be visiting?