EC25-V and Base HAT on Verizon

Hi, will the EC25-V and LTE Base HAT work on the Verizon network?
The Sixfab LTE chip page says “Verizon”, but has gives no explicit information on how it will work. Will I need to activate the SIM card on a separate phone? Are there any other steps I need to make, which isn’t listed anywhere?

Hi @airwaffle,

The verizon module needs end user registration. This can be done from the Verizon ODI.

It would be great if this was written IN THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION; Would avoid confusion.

I don’t have a Verizon development account or a Verizon account at all, and I can’t get one.
Could tell me how I am to create one? I am not a company.

Can you use an existing, activated Verizon sim?