EC25-E GPS not tracking

I’m using the “pyhton3” (link below) script to connect to the EC25-E (with Raspberry Pi 3G/4G & LTE Base HAT) to track the GPS location of my Raspi-4.

I can connect and read the lat/lon data but it keeps reading the same first lat/lon values while walking/driving to other locations; it is actually not tracking my new positions.

If I restart the “pyhton3” script then I get my current lat/lon location, and again without tracking new locations.

I would appreciate any help to make it tracking new lat/lon locations.



Can you check the NMEA sentence from the /dev/ttyUSB1?

After evaluating the received GPS data after long drive I see that every time I’m reading the utc-time (data[1]) value of GPGGA (or GPRMC) it is not reflecting the real current utc time of my actual reading, it is actually incrementing by 1 sec from the moment I started the script. So for example if I started the script at 000000 then the utc-time (data[1]) value of GPGGA will be 000001,000002,000003… while the actual utc is already in phase like 000001,000005,000009 (the actual time reading).
If I read the raw AT+QGPSLOC? then the utc time is given as the actual utc time.

It looks like the EC25 is buffering the GPGGA values (once starting getting data) and replying to each of my read line request with next slot in it buffer (which is already history) like FIFO but what I need is to read the latest GPS position which should be the last value of the buffer like LIFO. The AT+QGPSLOC? always reply with the current position (latest).
*log below

Should I setup the AT+QGPS=1 with different values? I tried but with no help.

Please advise.

Here is the log which shows the incremented (fix +1 sec) utc of the GPGGA/GPRMC while the QGPSLOC shows the actual utc sample time (not incremented by 1 sec)

+QGPS: 1
line: $GPRMC,105343.00,A,3205.018906,N,03453.993794,E,0.0,0.0,300621,3.0,E,A*3A

+QGPSLOC: 105408.0,3205.018921,N,03453.993683,E,0.9,45.0,2,0.00,0.0,0.0,300621,08

line: $GPGGA,105344.00,3205.018905,N,03453.993794,E,1,08,0.9,44.7,M,19.0,M,5C
line: $GPRMC,105344.00,A,3205.018905,N,03453.993794,E,0.0,0.0,300621,3.0,E,A

+QGPSLOC: 105412.0,3205.0189N,03453.9937E,0.9,44.0,2,0.00,0.0,0.0,300621,07

+QGPSLOC: 105414.0,3205.0189N,03453.9937E,0.8,44.0,2,0.00,0.0,0.0,300621,07
line: $GPGGA,105345.00,3205.018905,N,03453.993793,E,1,08,0.9,44.7,M,19.0,M,5A
line: $GPRMC,105345.00,A,3205.018905,N,03453.993793,E,0.0,0.0,300621,3.0,E,A

GPRMC: TIME[105345.00] 32.08364841666667,34.89989655
+QGPSLOC: 105416.0,3205.0189N,03453.9935E,0.7,44.0,2,0.00,0.0,0.0,300621,07
+QGPSLOC: 105418.0,3205.0191N,03453.9935E,0.7,44.0,2,0.00,0.0,0.0,300621,07

line: $GPGGA,105346.00,3205.018905,N,03453.993793,E,1,08,0.9,44.7,M,19.0,M,59
line: $GPRMC,105346.00,A,3205.018905,N,03453.993793,E,0.0,0.0,300621,3.0,E,A

+QGPSLOC: 105420.0,3205.0191N,03453.9935E,0.7,44.0,2,0.00,0.0,0.0,300621,07

+QGPSLOC: 105422.0,3205.0191N,03453.9935E,0.7,44.0,2,0.00,0.0,0.0,300621,07

line: $GPGGA,105347.00,3205.018905,N,03453.993792,E,1,08,0.9,44.7,M,19.0,M,*59

line: $GPRMC,105347.00,A,3205.018905,N,03453.993792,E,0.0,0.0,300621,3.0,E,A*3B

+QGPSLOC: 105424.0,3205.0191N,03453.9935E,0.7,44.0,2,0.00,0.0,0.0,300621,07
+QGPSLOC: 105426.0,3205.0191N,03453.9935E,0.7,44.0,2,0.00,0.0,0.0,300621,07