EC25 AU, once disconect from network (lte) it never reconnect again

We have several EC-25 au on raspberry Pi 's.

If the hut had an error (no way to know wich on) and loose the connection with the network (4g or 3g), there is no way to reconnect.

We have try via Minicom
at+cfun=0 then at+cfun=1

But the only way to reconnect is to restart the Raspberry Pi (at least twice). or turn off /on the current power.

these are working outside, then it is not easy to turn on off.

Is there any config to do or other way to reconnect to the network?.



Hi @pablo ,

Could you please mention which SIM are you using with the EC25-AU?

Please try using GPIO26, which controls the power regulator of the HAT. Drive it to HIGH for few seconds and LOW instead of power cycling the RPi.

Thank you Ensar, we are using Entel Chile SIM.

We started working with an Tplink Archer N300, connected with the Raspberry Pi via ethernet cable, and we never had any problem. We purchase the EC25 hut, to simplify the connection to 4g, but when it loose the connection it doesn’t return (it has happend in at least two). Do you think is a configuration problem?

On the other hand We are going to test it using using GPIO26

Do we have to make a sequence of low (0) to High (1) and Low (0) again?

Pablo Nieto