EC25 AU and MQTT problem

Hi all,

I have an EC25 with 3G-4G/LTE Base Shield V2 and vodafone sim card. Its configured with PPP and works with remote server http port.

but it wont connect to port 8883/4 for MQTT. I have similar RPI and HAT using a UC20 and this works for MQTT.

Is there any reason the EC25 wouldnt connect to MQTT ports ? are there additional PPP AT commands I require ?

Thanks for any assistance with this


Hello Chris,

There are changes in the publish AT command compared to UC20’s AT commands…
Please check the MQTT guide for EC25.

Thank you very much Saeed,
We use java code to send data to the MQTT sever and use PPP layer to connect to EC25. Do we still need to add specific MQTT AT commands to the connect script ?

So thought we just needed a TCP connection and then connect to port 8884 and 8883 (2 MQTT servers), but this hasnt seemed to work with EC25 whereas did with UC20 ?