EC25-A Firemware

I haven’t gotten my Quectel EC25-A modem working yet, but I think my problem is firmware version.

My current version is:

And it looks like I need to update firmware to EC25AFARxxxx as cited in an earlier post.

My question is, is it easier to run the flash from my RPI, or can I flash this from windows using the sixfab base hat USB port?


To update the firmware, install a USB driver on a Windows host computer. Then connect the Base HAT to the Windows host with the modem attached and run the FW executable.

Thanks Ensar. I was able to pull out a windows laptop from the closet, and install USB drivers just fine. The update dir has a lot of .mbn files, which one should I be using to flash?

… or do I flash the entire zip file, or expand the zip and load/flash each of the files in the root of the uncompressed directory?

I read somewhere else that I expand the update directory, and pick any mbn file there and the rest will show up. That seems to have worked and it added five files: 2 from the root, and 3 from firehose subdirectory.

I can see that com port 4 is my DM port, and I configured that with recommended baud rate.

When I start the firmware flash, it seems to cycle through 2 file uploads, and then i get the following message:

“FAIL, Confirm dynamic com port 4 timeout(N)!”

Any ideas what that issue is?