EC-25 odd GPS behaviour

I have an odd issue with the GPS. I am using with RPi4 and everything works great in the lab.
However, when I move the setup from the lab, everything keeps working except the GPS data. I can use the setup on my car and have tried using static some miles from the lab but the lat/lon still shows the lab location.

Even the $GPRMC sentence stays the same

Any ideas would be gratefully received.


Hi @ian.thomas,

Could you provide some of the:

[$GPGSA] - GPS DOP and active satellites
[$GPGSV] - GPS Satellites in view
[$GPGGA] - Global Positioning System Fix Data

sentences while you are at your lab and while away?

And for yourself, check:

[$GPGLL] - Geographic position, latitude / longitude

as this is where I always get my ‘you are here’ info.


Thanks Shawn.

I am testing again tomorrow and will capture the data to share (both Lab and Mobile)



Thanks for the suggestion Shawn.

Having completed tests and captured data the issue appears to be that, when I lose connection, I still continue to read the NMEA sentences and these appear to be cached.

Once connection is re-established the application starts processing the cached list.

Now I just need to identify where the data is cached so I can add management of the data.


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just needed to add [port].reset_input_buffer()