Durability of the J4 Connector

Hi, After only 2-3 insertions / removals of wires into the J4 inputs, today the release tab on the + pin snapped:

After a brief inspection, the whole cover came off, the very small tabs under the metal clips had broken:

Any suggestions here? I am interested to understand what the designed lifetime for these connectors is - is this expected, or is this perhaps a Quality Control issue with components?

Hi @snrklotomus,

This is the first time this situation happens. Sorry for this.
Care should be taken when applying force to insert the wires.
For product exchange, please email to hello@sixfab.com and we will help you out ASAP.

Thanks… I have emailed hello@sixfab…

Hi unfortunately I had exactly the same problem. This was on first insert. The plastic housing seems to be VERY fragile and prone to breaking on pressing the release tab.

Hi @barryjump ,

I am very sorry for what happened.
It will be replaced by more durable screw terminal blocks in the future version.

@ensar that great thanks… In the future though. What are we to do about it now?

No worries, we can exchange the product easily in case of stock availability. Just write hello@sixfab.com and we forward you the instructions.

Thank you.

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Thanks @ensar. Meantime I did notice one thing on the docs that was missing - they don’t mention the recommended wire gauge for those terminals. I believe they are Wagos, perhaps it would be a good idea to include their specs in your docs.

Thank you for your feedback.

We recommend 24 AWG to 18 AWG(0.2mm -0.75 mm) for ease of use with the terminal. And remove the jacket 7-9 mm(0.28-0.35 inc) from the end of the cable.