Drivers for 18.04 ubuntu

Do I need to download drivers in ubuntu 18.04 to support the Sixfab module?

Hi @mmkhalil2001,
No driver installation required.
The Linux kernel can recognize Quectel modules.
You can use Ubuntu Core.

Hi @ensar,
What does this comment mean then? :

I bought this hat to use with an rPi running latest Ubuntu server as a homeassistant / alarm system I’ve built running docker containers. I have zero knowledge which/any ppp/qmi interfaces I need and didn’t really gain much from the instructions beyond one being faster than the other… didn’t notice any OS requirements in the docs.

Do I need ppp/qmi?
Am I good with Ubuntu server 20.04 for rPi?

I’m using the USB cable - don’t plan to use UART. Only need to be able to put the modem into whatever mode ( ad hoc or AP? ) needed so it can act as an access point.

Hi @JamesH,
There’s been a misunderstanding.
I mean, We do not have experience with other OS, except Raspbian and Ubuntu Core, with RPI for now.

@ensar, I’ll try to get it installed… might use an OpenWRT container.

Can you point me to anything to clear up about ppp/qmi? Is it a dependency for using the hat via USB in a normal fashion?