Downloading File to Raspberry Pi Remotely

I am using a Raspberry Pi B+ with a Sixfab 3G/4G/LTE Base Hat and Telit LE910Cn modem.

I was able to physically set up the modem and install the software.
Currently I am able to use the remote terminal to control my Pi.

All I am trying to do with the modem is occasionally locate a file on the internet and download it to a specific folder.

I tried using the wget command from the terminal on my Pi and was able to download a file successfully.

I then tried to use the wget command through the remote terminal using the same language and my permission was denied.

I was attempting to download the file into the Downloads folder in my home account.


Yes, you can’t download it because “sixfab” user is not permitted to do so. You can download it by going to “/home/sixfab” or switching to another user.