Disconnection and IP configuration

I am working with two 3G-4G/LTE base boards and one target is continuously disconnecting. The IP is always changing to a new one. I have used the SIM card on both boards and it seems that the problem comes form one SIM card. I would like to know the reason why it is disconnecting so often and how to configure the connection with the same IP address all the time.

Hello Carlos,

The SIMs support dynamic IP hence will keep changing the IP.
One of the SIM you have has crossed the limit of 100MB(Consumer_1).

Many thanks Saeed, could you please provide info about the communication under MQTT over the two telit boards?. I am trying by mosquito with no success. Many thanks. Regards

Let us continue it under the concerned topic.

I modified the SIM card options to unlimited but the problem continues.I get the same problem, the board is disconnected again after a few seconds. Bad news!!