Difficulty Retrieving UUID, SID, and Serial Number from Device Using MicroPython

Hi Everyone,

I recently added a device to the online platform, and I can see the UUID, SID, and serial number under the details section. However, I’m struggling to find these pieces of information on the device using MicroPython. I’ve managed to find the ICCID and even added some methods to retrieve the IMSI and IMEI. Still, I can’t seem to locate or create any methods/functions to find the UUID, SID, and serial number that are under asset details on the online platform.

Could anyone please help me with this?

Thank you!


You can retrieve these details using the Sixfab Developer API — /get_sim_list_sims_get method.

P.S. The Asset list method will be added. The SIM list method is currently available for use.

@ensar Thanks for the response however I am trying to get the information from the device not the online platform.

The information you mentioned cannot be found anywhere on your device because these details are specific to the Connect platform and are not associated with the module.

Why would the serial number of the device be on the connect platform and not the device? I also thought the UUID and the ICCID are unique identifiers on the modem and sim card respectively. Why would they only be associated with the connect platform?

How do you plan to use UUID, SID, and S/N in your project and for what purpose? Doesn’t the IMSI or IMEI number work for you?

I plan to use two unique id’s to use as my mqtt login. These two id’s should be available on both the device and the online platform. My backend server will take the information from the device to create the asset on the online platform and save the information to a database.