Device status online but cellular connection unavailable

Hello – I followed the instructions here to set up the cellular modem kit for my Raspberry Pi 4B. The installation completed without any errors. However, in the dashboard (screenshot attached) I see that the Device Status is ‘Online’ but Last Cellular Connection Status is ‘Cellular Connection Unavailable.’

I also ran AT+CPIN? and AT+ICCID? commands and the output is below.





If you activate the remote support setting of your device and share the support key with me, I can help you quickly. Could you PM me your remote-support token so that I can check and solve it? Thanks.

Hi @ensar I couldn’t send you a PM directly (received an error message) so I sent it to the moderators group that included you. Hope that works.

Thank you for sharing the support token with me. I have fixed the issue on your device. Please check and confirm if you have a cellular connection.

Excellent. I tested the connection and it works great!

What was the issue if you don’t mind sharing?

The issue was related to the compatibility problem with the atcom tool. I have upgraded the tool to the latest version, which is now compatible with the current version of Raspberry Pi OS, resolving the communication problem with the module.