Device not detected

I setup the HAT installed the software per the getting started manual but dont see ttyS0 or ttyUSB3 connected.

Needless to say the ppp connection fails as the device in not showing up. No sings of it either in dmesg.

Any ideas?

Hi @asismorodo,

Make sure your module is powered up. It can be turned on by pushing the PWRKEY button for at least 500ms.

The HAT has power and is turned on, PWR, STAT and NETL are either on of flashing.

Send the ATI command from the serial port on your system. ATI is the AT command to get the product identification information.

First, enable serial using raspi-config:

  1. Start raspi-config: sudo raspi-config.
  2. Select option 5 - interfacing options.
  3. Select option P6 - serial.
  4. At the prompt Would you like a login shell to be accessible over serial? answer β€˜No’.
  5. At the prompt Would you like the serial port hardware to be enabled? answer β€˜Yes’.
  6. Exit raspi-config and reboot the Pi for changes to take effect.

No luck. Thanks fo the guide, I had the serial interface deactivated, enabled via raspi-config but still there is no device listed as ttyS0 or ttyUSB3 so I cannot access the device via minicom.

Which is the raspberry pi model you have?
If you are using an older RPI model, you must use the port name ttyAMA0 instead of ttyS0. Also, the Tracker HAT does not have a USB port. Therefore ttyUSB3 is not listed.

Model 2 B.

Device is mapped as /dev/ttyAMA0, I can succesfully communicate with it.

thank you

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