Detect carrier of SIM card?


Is there any way to detect the carrier of the sim card?

I have multiple units that each use one of two carriers. It would be nice to not have to set the APN for the devices if we swap the SIM cards.

Is it possible to try one APN and then try the other on failure? Or is there a quick way to detect the carrier and then specify the APN based on that information?

Hi @stephen.smith,

You can use the ICCID of the SIM to detect the SIM, once, you have the ICCID of the SIM you can compare it with your list of ICCID & carrier.

How do you get the ICCID? Is there somewhere in the software? @ensar

You can get it with the AT+QCCID AT command.

“The command returns the ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) number of the (U)SIM card.”


+QCCID: 89860025128306012474 //Query ICCID of the (U)SIM card