Description of Core Device Network

I just got the IoT Base hat and modem kit. I went through the setup and my device is visible and accessible within the core dashboard. Now, I would like to understand more about the IP network my device is connected to. Is there any guide ?

My device shows it’s IP address is 192.168.N.* (obviously non-routable), are there any other devices in that network ? Do I have my own private virtual network ? If I have multiple devices in my account, will they be able to see each other on the 192.168.N.* network ?

Is it possible to make an inbound connection to one of my devices (other than the remote terminal) ?

How does the remote terminal work ? What is the “sixfab” user’s password on my device ? What about “sixfab-terminal” ? Are SixFab employees able to access my device ? If not, how is it prevented.

Thank You!

Hi @wrandymay ,

The user ‘sixfab’ has no password, it is only used by services. Therefore, it is not possible for someone else to log in to the ‘sixfab’ user “unless they have root privileges”.
The user ‘sixfab-terminal’ is a non-root user. With the new update, the terminal is now run within this user as a security measure.
Unless the device has a static IP, there is no way to directly connect to the device except for NAT traversal.
Sixfab employees cannot access the device unless ‘Remote Support’ is enabled. You can set it in the ‘Device’ tab.