Dashboard showing data usage increasing over time but I haven't sent any data

Cellular modem is connected, idle, not configured for PPP, QMI, or ECM. Dashboard shows online and I can open a remote terminal. I don’t know what data I’m being charged for.

I want to set it up to monitor a switch and send an sms when the switch changes state. This will typically happen once a month. It seems like I’m going to have data usage charges every day even though my application is not sending any data. Is that correct? Is there a way to prevent daily data usage charges except when I actually send data? Thanks for any insight and advice, Steve

Hi Steve,

Your device is configured for ECM mode, charged because your cellular interface is used as your active interface. Whichever is the first in your priority configuration (i.e. active interface) is used. CORE services consume minimal data to maintain a cellular connection. Also, Sixfab SIM does not support SMS command at the moment.

Hi Ensar,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I initially configured the Telit LE910C1/C4 for ECM. Then to see if I could stop the data usage I set the ECM configuration to AT#ECM=0,0 and AT#USBCFG=0 . I also set /etc/dhcpcd.conf to disable wwan0. Still saw data usage so I posted this question.

Why do you believe my modem is configured for ECM? Is it still configured for ECM even though I made the above settings?

At this time I am sending an email as my switch alert and will use email instead of SMS. Would it be better if I configured PPP?

Thanks, Steve

After disabling the ECM, it will not charge as there is no data usage. The data usage you refer to is the usage you used when initially configuring the device. The data usage on the dashboard is not real-time, it may take up to 2 hours to show after use.

Yes, it is, PPP would be the best choice for your application.