Curl & Sudo not found

Hi Guys
I having issues with UPS Hat with the latest RPI3B running Emteria & Android 7.1, i’ve setup my PCM sixfab account and tried to enter the command line into the terminal on my RPI, when i press enter it comes up with 2 lines 1: Curl Not Found 2: Sudo Not Found, does anyone have any ideas?

Have you resolved this? Trying to setup the unit received today. My problem is that I am connecting to the pi wirelessly from my PC, but need to hit my wifi via PC to hit the curl http address. Thanks

Those instructions are meant for linux (like: raspbian). I do not think those tools will function on the Android platform. If you can install raspbian, then try to follow the instructions.

Attach both your raspberrypi and your computer to the same wifi network (home or business) so that your computer and the raspberrypi can communicate with each other and the internet. try running “sudo raspi-config” or use the GUI to attach it to a local network.