Ctrl- functionality inside Remote Terminal Beta

I realize the Open Remote Terminal dialog is in Beta, but hopefully that means the development team is open to ideas to improve it.

It is great that Ctrl-C is an option on the terminal dialog on my phone. I would love to use control with other commands, for example Ctrl-X to save changes in the Nano text editor, or when using the Sudo Crontab -e command. There are many options within the crontab that require the control key in combination with various letters.

Note that the control key works as normal on a regular keyboard. I want a way to use it on my phone! I am not always near a computer and sometimes have to make changes to my remote installation on the Raspberry Pi using my phone. Having a more robust functionality for Ctrl- would be fantastic!

(For reference, an iPhone terminal app that implements the Ctrl- functionality well is a-Shell. You could see what it looks like there and program something similar.)

Thanks for considering this useful mod!


We appreciate the time you took to write me such thorough feedback. I will pass it on to our product development team to see if they could implement any of these changes in the upcoming releases.

Thanks again.

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