Core device not connected but cellular is connected


We have recently got the sixfab base hat for raspberry pi 5 to use it for internet connectivity, but after setting it up it worked for a few days then stopped working now everytime i connect it - the core device is shown as not connected. We need the internet connectivity for our use cases. I did go through all the posts on the community.
I installed atcom and tried AT+CPIN which returned OK but AT+ICCID is returning error.

I also tried setting up the PPP connection it still isnt working,

Please help me with this.


Could you send me your Asset SID or ICCID via PM? Which SIM are you using?

I tried the AT commands again now, this time CPIN is giving error but ICCID is returning a value.

Also it seems like the network is working at times but its taking 5 or minutes to load a webpage sometimes it’s not working