Control GPIO through SMS


I have a Pi model 4 and a BaseHAT with a Quectel E25 module. I’m quite new to this topic, but I wanted to ask if it is possible to control the GPIOs of the HAT with an SMS.
The idea is, that I’ll be able to send a wake up SMS to the cellular modem and it will trigger a GPIO, that is connected to the PI and can reboot it like this.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello @kawasaki,

Let me if I got it right,

  • SMS will be sent to a running Raspberry Pi with a cellular modem,
  • Once the SMS is received, it will reboot itself.

Yes, if the SIM Card you are using supports SMS, you can send/receive SMS.
For Receiving SMS, and checking the content of the SMS you will need to use the AT commands.
Please refer to Section 9 of the AT command Manual for SMS related commands.

PS: Sixfab SIM card doesn’t support SMS hence cannot use it.