Connecting antennas correctly


I was reading the getting started guide of the sixfab setup and got a bit stumped when i reached the section with the instructions to attach the antennas. (

This is the text instruction i am struggling with

Attach LTE full band PCB antenna/LTE connector of the LTE-GNSS dual antenna to the main Antenna interface/diversity antenna interface & GPS Antenna portion goes to the GNSS antenna interface.

This is so poorly worded it is giving me anxiety.

What goes where with these antennas?

GNSS is the GPS antenna.
There is a main antenna and a diversity antenna shown in these instructions.
Note that the layout is different between Quectel and Telit modules. Some of the modules in the series only have GPS and a main antenna.

The antennas maybe different to what you have but these are the common ones…

So, connect GPS to GNSS, connect separate LTE to the main and diversity.