Connecting 3G/4G&LTE Base HAT to Zero WH


I purchased the Raspberry Pi 3G/4G & LTE Base HAT and EC25 module for connecting to my RPi Zero WH. The documentation for the HAT shows that it should be connected to the Pi using the provided Micro USB -> USB A cable, however the Zero only has a Micro USB port. Therefore I am wondering which method is the best for connecting the HAT to the Zero WH:

  1. Use the provided USB cable with a USB A to micro USB adapter
  2. Use UART by soldering J8 and J7 suggested here, and sacrifice the maximum data rate as mentioned in that FAQ.

If option 2, then how much of a sacrifice will be expected?


Better solution is to use micro USB B to micro USB B. (for example. micro USB to micro USB)
Keep the cable as short as possible.

Via UART it would be less than 1MBPS

Ah yeah, of course a single cable makes more sense than an adapter. That answers my question about UART though. Thanks a lot.


I have sixfab base hat and raspberry pi zero 2 w. I atached base hat via micro usb to rpi zero 2w but usb devices not detected.

Could you share your experience with rpi zero and base hat?