Connect in Windows 10


I ordered a “Raspberry Pi Cellular IoT HAT – LTE-M & NB-IoT & eGPRS” module and trying to connect it to my Windows 10 laptop with the USB cable delivered with it.

Seems in Windows the module is not detected. How should I proceed to get it visible/connected in WIndows 10 ?

Hello @gert.ceulemans-7022

If you want to use the Raspberry Pi Cellular IoT HAT standalone with a Windows Host, first complete the following checklist.

  1. Windows Driver should be installed. If not please download and install it.

  2. The HATs Power over USB is not connected by default. VBUS and the 5V should be connected.

Once your Hardware and drive are ready, connect the HAT to the Windows host device via USB and press the POWERKEY for around 1.5 seconds to turn on the module. After turning on the module, the devices will appear under the device manager.


Do you mean that we need to connect both wholes (VBUS and 5V) with each other on the board ?
Is it enough to put a cable between both ? Or should we solder a wire between both ? Or do you have something that we can use to connect both ?


The best way is to solder 2 pin headers and use a jumper with them.
If you don’t have them, you can simply solder a jumper cable between them.

Managed to solder the 2 pins and now I am indeed able to see the lights and the board is recognized in Windows 10.

2 other questions:
-On the webiste I see that you advise minicom to send AT commands in Linux to the modem. But what do you advice for Windows in combination with the Raspberry Pi Cellular IoT HAT standalone.
-Any other software you advise us to install ?



The answer to both of the questions will be:
Install QNavigator, a tool for managing the Quectel modules including sending AT commands.

However, for AT commands, you can use tools like Hercules Setup Utility, Advanced Serial Port Monitor, Putty etc.

In the “Quectel_BG96_FTP_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.0” section “The Process of Using FTP AT Commands” I can find everything about connectivity and transfer towards and FTP server. But is also SFTP supported ?
Because I am getting the error not logged in when I try to download the file.
On the login command AT+QFTPOPEN=“name of SFTP server”,22 ==> I am getting an OK.

The module supports FTP and FTPS, not SFTP.
Please find the FTP(s) AT command manual v1.1


In BG95 we used the following 3 AT commands

  • To create a socket: AT+NSOCR=,,[,<receiving port]
  • SendTo Command (UDP Only) : AT+NSOST=,,<remote_port>,,
    -SendTo Command (UDP Only) AT+NSOST=,<remote_addr>,<remote_port>,,

But in BG96 I can’t find the same commands anymore.
Can you tell me by which other commands they are replaced ?


Hello Gret,

You need to look at BG96 TCP/IP AT Commands Manual for TCP or UDP based commands. A UDP example is available in section 3.6

To open the Socket AT+QIOPEN will be used.
To send the UDP Data use AT+QISEND.