Configure the HAT for CAT-M1 for Other SIM

This step is not listed under Setting up the Cellular IoT Hat + Oher SIM. Is it missing, or not neccessary?

  • Configure the HAT for CAT-M1

Hi @tim-4578,

We are reorganizing our tutorials. This is a necessary step to be done.

Hi @ensar

I thought so. When I setup my Twilio SIM it worked fine but when I setup on another RPi with a different SIM I noticed it missing in the steps.


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Thank you raising your concerns. :orange_heart:

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Hello @ensar,

I’m trying to connect to LTE using my own mobile SIM card.
I have very little knowledge in AT Commands domain since I just started looking into it a month ago for my internship (although I tried to learn a bit through the BG96AT Commands Manual).

I was trying to have 4G using the
I added a command to add the SIM PIN code. Ran the Then the
I’m having a good Signal Quality (CSQ: 99,99) and AT=QNWINFO returns CAT-M1 20820 LTE BAND 20 6200 so i guess the SIM card is CAT-M1 CAPABLE. But the AT+COPS? returns +COPS: 0 (and so that it is not connected to the operator).

I tried to update the firmware but this didn’t help.
I tried the AUTO mode and connected to the 2G successfully.
I’m in France and I’m using the Cellular IoT HAT v1.1.0.
Am I missing some steps in the HAT CAT-M1 configuration for Other SIM ?

I would really appreciate your help, thanks in advance !

Hello @ZEALORD98 ,

The BG96 supports CATM1, NB-IoT and eGPRS only. Check the BG96 module intro for supported RAT.
The Module for CAT 4 is different. The available KIT for 4G is here.

To understand the details of the AT commands responses check the AT command Manual for BG96.

CSQ: 99,99 indicates there is no signal. 99 indicates Not known or not detectable (Section 6.3)

AT+QNWINFO indicated the query network information, i.e, the network that is being searched by the module (section 6.17)

Please follow this document to understand the network search better.

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