Compatibility of the LTE module

Hi, I bought the 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit from this web cite.(EC25 module)
Now I want to try to use another module, while using the 3G/4G/LTE Base HAT continuously.

Is it available to use another LTE module chip with the Base HAT??

Hi @Baby10,

The pinout of the module should be compared with the pins connected to the Base HAT.
Please check it here:

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Thank you for the quick and accurate reply. Can I ask something more?

I compared the data sheet with your link, and it has same pinout almost, but there is no UART pins.

But in the document page, they said “These Serial port communication could be either the UART(/dev/ttyS0) or the serial exposed to USB(/dev/ttyUSB3).”

I used ttyUSB3 port, so I think the UART pin is useless.

And the module has the same pinout without UART. Is it okay to use it?

Of course, it okay to use it. You can’t just use UART.

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I appreciate your kindness!!

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