Choosing the right cellular modem

Hello, I was planning on using a Cellular IoT HAT for a new design, but I see that it was just marked as obsolete. Can you recommend what product should be used in new designs with a Raspberry Pi that needs to be connected to the internet using cellular in the USA? Thanks!


We will be announcing a new kit for CAT.M1/NB-IoT/GPRS RATs.

PS. The link will be active in 36 hours.

@saeed great, thanks for the update! How can I get one as soon as possible so that I can continue development? Thanks, Jon

I hope the link will be active by tomorrow then you can place the order.

Thanks again for the update, @saeed! Is it possible to get a sample?

Sorry, we are not sending samples.

The LTE M kit is ready to be purchased.

I had previously bought your Quectel EC25 and struggled to connect, only to find out it was not certified by Verizon. The BG96 was certified and worked perfectly. Is this new kit certified with Verizon? If not, does that mean I would need to use your SIM card to make it work on Verizon or AT&T?

This new kit is not certified with Verizon, Yes, you can use our sim to connect it to ATT.

Are you planning to get this certified? I’m looking for a solution that I don’t have to go through the certification process with Verizon.

We are offering SIxfab SIMs to avoid the registration process.
May ask the reason behind connecting to Verizon only with the Sixfab SIM?

Our customer has a volume contract with both Verizon and AT&T and gets discounted pricing. I’m unfamiliar with what that would work using your SIM. Can you explain?