Changing my account

How do I switch my account from signing in with google, to signing in with an email? How do I change my password? no place in the app to do this? I need to share this account with someone without sharing my google password!


Create an account using your email (it can be the same email that you use to sign in with Google), and then send me your email information via PM so that I can assist you.

I cannot create a second account with the same email. your website throws an error and won’t do it.

Could you share the error with me?

No Solution? Can I create a new account with a NEW email and have you transfer my current account to the new one?

Fixing the problem you faced might take some time. So, if you want, we can transfer it quickly with a new email.

OK, I created a new account under the email: Please transfer the account to it.

Matt Herron

Thank you.

I have sent the confirmation email, and once you confirm it, your transfer will be completed.