Change APN with no current internet access


I’m using the Raspberry Pi 3G-4G/LTE Base Shield V2 for traveling.

What if I purchase a new SIM card, and my only way to get internet access is from the sim card.

Will I be able to run the sudo ./ script with no internet access?
I not, is there anyway of editing/create files to get PPP running?

sudo ./ needs internet access to install.
If you edit the script where it downloads the configuration files edit them and install ppp.

  1. You can store the files that are downloaded and change the script according to it.
  2. Once you have installed ppp before, you will not need to re-install it. You can comment out the installing line (line 79 at the moment).

If you have already everything installed… then changing the APN from /etc/ppp/peers/provider is enough.