Cellular Modem Kit - "SIM not inserted"


I purchased a 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit last week. I had no issues getting AT command to work, but I have been unable to get any of my SIM cards to register.

I first tried with the included prepaid card and then one of my own SIM cards, both with the following result:

I tested my SIM in u-blox Toby-L2, Telit LE910 and SIMcom SIM7000 development kits without issue.

Compared to the image in the store page, my HAT seems to be missing a pin in the SIM holder. I did not feel any resistance when inserting or removing either SIM. Please see photos:

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I am working on a time-sensitive project and need to know what my next step should be. Thank you!

Hi @ajgudmun ,

Thank you for contacting us about your defective Base HAT. Sorry for this situation. We will replace the product with a new one for you. Please email hello@sixfab.com and we will help you out ASAP.

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Hi @ensar, thank you for the quick reply!! I sent an email to the address you provided and will continue the discussion there.