Cellular IoT Hat Working intermittently

I’ve gotten my IoT hat to connect to Twillio’s (by T-Mobile) network, however it has been inconsistent whether it will reconnect on restart or not.

  1. I’m not sure if I have the North American or Worldwide Device, how would I check?
  2. Even though the Quectel Module is certified by T-Mobile, the Hat has to be as well?
  3. I can see both Verizon and T-Mobile operators with AT+COPS=? however I cannot set either of them, why is this so? (Command goes through then when I query it says +COPS: 0)
  4. Why is it that I was able to run this on the T-Mobile network yesterday (it auto connected), but cannot get it connected today?

Hi @blandaj1,
Sorry for delaying the response.

  1. The v1.3.0 version of HAT is North American, the v1.1.0 version is Worldwide.
  2. It is sufficient that the module is certified.

Could you share the firmware version of the module? I will keep you updated.

Thank you.