Cellular IOT Hat + Raspberry Pi Zero Turn on Without pressing PWRKEY

Hi all

This post is a bit similar to some other posts on the forum, LTE base hat, Raspberry Pi 4 Uart Occupy (has very simple answer), but I am trying to troubleshoot this issue for my specific application.

I have the sixfab cellular IOT hat. I need to use the UART GPIO pins so I can’t put the HAT directly onto the pi. I also have a system that may sporadically turn off, and I need the hat to be able to turn back on remotely without me pressing the PWRKEY.

I tried jumping GPIO 11 to the Hat, and running a simple python script that I found on the forum:

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO # import RPi.GPIO module
from time import sleep # lets us have a delay
GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BCM) # choose BCM or BOARD
GPIO.setup(11, GPIO.OUT) # set GPIO11 as an output

GPIO.output(11, 1) # set GPIO11 to 1/GPIO.HIGH/True
sleep(0.5) # wait half a second
GPIO.output(11, 0) # set GPIO11 to 0/GPIO.LOW/False
sleep(0.5) # wait half a second

But this doesn’t seem to be turning the HAT on. Does anyone have a similar situation and how did you end up fixing it?

Thanks for your time