Cellular connection issues started after pi's SD card was reformatted

I got my Pi Telit hat and started setting it up the other day and having cell connection issues.

Originally, I installed it with my Pi and after a bit of waiting, it eventually connected to a Canadian cell service using the 25$ credit that came with the device.

I needed to re-format and re-install my Pi’s SD card for other reasons and am going through the Sixfab install process again with my same hat. This time, though, my hat is not connecting to any cell signal at all.

The only differences really are that the original install I did yesterday was Rasberry Pi OS (32 bit), and today I’m using R Pi OS (64 bit)

Does the Sixfab library work on a 64-bit Rasberry Pi 4? Could this be the issue?

The other difference is that while trying to debug, I joined a data pool and added more credits to my SIM in case that was causing the issue. I’ve also played with prioritizing the wlan and wwan connections in case that could help. Switching these priorities didn’t fix anything.

Since then, I have unsubscribed from the data pool… and also have remaining credits.

I’ve waited 10-15 minutes after setting up for the cell connection + have done multiple reboots, and have also toggled on/off (with saves) the active state of the device from the Assets dashboard.

Has anyone run into similar issues before? Any suggestions or tips on what might be going on, and/or how to fix this connectivity issue?


Quick update: I’ve reinstalled Raspberry Pi OS with 32-bit OS and re-installed the Sixfab Asset library. Still no cell connectivity or service.

Is there anything special or specific to the random word string after the -t in the curl install command? The last thing that I think could be different is that the -t value in the install command was slightly different from what is displayed when initially setting up the device and when getting the install command from the Asset management dashboard after the first setup…

I don’t remember the isTrusted true flag on the first install, but it’s part of the curl command when copying it from the asset dashboard… :confused:


Hello @jrdnshw

Yes, Sixfab CORE works with the 64bit RPi OS.

Could you please share logs from your device located in /home/sixfab/.core/logs/?

Are you able to see the cellular network interface(wwan0/usb0) with ifconfig command?
If yes, are you able to ping through the cellular network interface?

It is the unique token used to recognize the device.

Thanks for your response!

Good to know that the OS version doesn’t impact… and to understand the unique token generation.

I can get the logs and share them here when I’m back at the device.

Yes, I could see the cellular network interface(wwan0/usb0). I didn’t try pinging through the network interface.

The device did eventually connect again. It was about 24 hrs or so before it connected – but one thing I did notice and updated was to increase the data usage to a higher value in the Asset settings. When I posted the issue, my usage was still below 100 MB. But I’m wondering if I reached the 100mb limit before the dashboard caught up to the actual usage and was preventing me from connecting to the cell network? When I wasn’t able to connect, and before I increased the data usage, the Asset’s cell icon was red. If an Asset reaches its data limit, does it auto-disconnect from the cell network?

Also, does the data usage include both wifi and cell data usage? I only initially had a few MB of data available through the product credit $25… but I managed to get above 100 MB.

Anyway, when I noticed the usage was higher than the set limit in the admin dashboard I upped the limit and within a few hours, I was connected to cell service again…