Cellular connection issue / disconnect loop


I was trying to get sixfab core working today, but I keep running into issues. I have this kit: Introduction. Currently the wwan0 interface shows up then disappears when it gets an ip address, and it seems to be in a disconnect loop. However, I was able to get a ppp0 connection going. I’m not entirely sure what the issue is, and there aren’t any logs in the core_manager systemctl service. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


adding @ensar , who seems to be able to help others

Hi Joshua,

Which module are you using?
Only one of the cellular connections (e.g ECM, QMI, PPP etc.) needs to be established on your device. Otherwise, it will conflict. Terminating the PPP connection will fix the problem.
If the problem persists, if you activate the remote support setting of your device and share the remote-support token with me, I can help you solve the problem.