Cellular Connection/Data Usage


New customer here. I’ve got your sim in the Telit NA modem using the Raspberry Pi hat from your website – everything worked perfectly out of the box. One day later, I’m seeing that it is now offline while trying to use cellular. I’m assuming it’s because of the 100mb limit I put, but my data usage shows less than 1mb because it’s not updating. When I turn my limit off it comes back online, but I don’t want to use unlimited until I know how much data I’m using. Can you fix my dashboard to reflect accurate data usage readings and possibly confirm if that is why my Pi is not connecting?


Got an automated email earlier stating that I’ve reached the 100mb limit so feeling confident that is why it’s now offline – however, my dashboard still shows less than 2mb of data used and only seems to be reporting at 22:00.

I saw a few users had similar issues with their data reporting on the dashboard, last I saw you were addressing it in November. Is this the same issue? Would really like to measure my data usage on a per hour basis before rolling out unlimited so I can know what to expect.


For anyone that needs to measure their own data on a Pi, I’d recommend using Nethog and then toggling between measure views by pressing M. It shows usage per process which can at least give you a ballpark of data used over time — worth noting: it looks like the SixFab scripts use ~20-30mb per month