Cellphone Calls - Pi 4 B - GPS - OmniRom R 11 with MicroG


I am interested in the global version of this kit:

Is it able to make cellphone calls?
Does it work perfectly with a Raspberry Pi 4 B 8GB?

I intend to make a de-googled cellphone both for calls, access the internet anonymously, and use waze on my car.

Does it posses GPS capabilities or can be used in parallel with a GPS module? (Any recommendations?)

I intend to use it with OmniRom R 11 with MicroG.

I am an electronics technician, but this is my first project on Raspberry Pi.


Hi @amaranti,

This HAT does not have an audio codec, as a result, it lacks a voice calling feature. That is without the audio codec(audio circuit) the call will not send or receive any sound.

Yes, it works.

Yes, it possess capability. You can use it parallel to the internet connection via USB.

I’m not sure about OmniRom R 11 since I have no experience with it.