Can't get internet from LTE hotspot

I’ve followed both of the tutorials linked below without any errors and am at a loss of why I can’t get a computer to share the LTE connection over eth0 or wlan0. I’m running a Pi4 w/ LTE Base Hat with EC-25A w/ a RedPocket sim (AT&T).

The modem is setup and working properly. I’ve been able to use the LTE connection on the Pi to update packages and download RaspAP. But when it comes to using that connection on another device connected to the AP, I get nothing.

Any ideas?


Since the tutorial you mentioned is not maintained and is outdated, we recommend that you follow the tutorial below.

Are you still trying to get your LTE connection to use eth0 for communication?
I have got this to work on both an RPi4 and a FriendlyElec NanoPi R1