Can't connect to Mission Planner

I’m trying to connect my sixfab to mission planner using port forwarding. In Ssh terminal it can connect but in Mission Planner it says “connect failed” giving this error. Please someone can help me?

I have no idea what Mission Planner is, but the error it’s throwing appears to indicate you have multiple bind attempts to the same host+port.


What carrier are you using? Most carriers put your IP behind a NAT son traditional UDP/TCP connections won’t work. Mavlink needs a direct route to work, which LTE doesn’t usually allow. Feel free to reach out (, this is an area we are experts in and have developed a solution that will allow you to use Mission Planner, QGroundControl, and a web interface all with Sixfab modems. We actually have a fleet of fixed wing drones flying over Africa using this setup.



Hello Taylor,
Thanks for replying sorry for my bad english but I don’t know what carrier is. I will be glad if you can tell my where can I look the model and if you give more details abouıt solutions I will you reach you about it.

Can you PM me via website in my last post? Carrier is the company that you have a SIM card for (ie. Verizon, Sixfab, Tmobile, Orange, Vodaphone)…

I sended you an email