Can not see the hat on any usb port

If I connect the shield on tinker board s usb port it works properly but when I install the shield both on GPIO pins and usb port can not see the shield via lsusb. Red power led is on but blue led is not blinking.
can anybody help me?


Did you compare the pin outputs? Is there a mismatch?

Hi Ensar
Compare with what?
I havent changed any pin settings. Just installed the os Tinker Board S Debian 10 v3.0.23.

Is the Tinkerboard GPIO the exact same as a Raspberry Pi GPIO?
Pin for pin compatible?

Can you check if the GPIO26 pin is set to LOW?

I will check and reply to you, thanks.

Hi ScottV
honestly I don’t know if they are same cause I won’t use the GPIO pins for my project