Can I use the Metro-PCS unlimited data plan and their SIM with the 3G/$g HAT?


We need a lot of bandwidth and I know I can get a sim card from Metro-PCS for $20/mo with unlimited data. Should I be able to use that wit the 3G/$G HAT?



We have not tested this particular SIM. As long as SIM provider supports the LTE module, you can use it.
The SIM provider can give you better insight if they support Quectel EG25G or not.

Where would I find some guidance on how to configure the sim card from another vendor other than 6Fab?
Would I use the same interface as if using your supplied sim card?

Thank you.

Could you please share which LTE module are you using?

Interface? Do you mean the protocol such as PPP, QMI?

It would be the Raspberry Pi 4 with the Sixfab 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit (EG25 ).

I mean, would I follow same directions as for the included SIM card to setup and register a SIM from MetroPCS?

No, The Sixfab Connect Platform is to manage Sixfab SIM cards only.

You may follow any of the PPP, QMI or ECM tutorials.