Can I use Raspberry Pi Sixfab Shield/HAT, as router?

I want to use Raspberry Pi 3G/4G&LTE Base HAT to get the internet through wwan0 and share the internet through eth0 of raspberry pi 4 model b.
I would be connecting eth0 to an external switch which also will have many hosts, so I want those to get internet access through “Sixfab Raspberry Pi 3G/4G&LTE Base HAT”.

How can I share the wwan0 port with eth0?

Hello Jacob,

I am new to the forum here but saw your post and thought I could point you in the right direction if you still need help with this.

This guide:
Is exactly what you are looking for. But just skip the part with “hostapd” since you don’t need a wifi.

And change the steps in guide that refers to “wlan0” you change to “eth0”. And were they refer to “eth0” you change to “wwan0”.



Thank you @anders.hallingstad. :+1:

I followed the access point instructions to install the RaspAP.
I started from a pristine raspberry image with kernel 4.19.97+. I installed the QMI and I was able to connect to my provider and surf the internet. I started installing the RapsAP as instructed.
Everything went fine and I was able to connect to the subnet and go to the admin webpage. I went on the Basic Settings page and changed wlan0 (default) to wwan0, saved and restarted.
The raspberry wifi network disappeared and I was not able to connect anymore.
Selecting wwan0 in raspAP is it really necessary?