Can I deactivate and months later reactivate to save the month fee?

I bought a six fab sim. Is quite like to play with it but don’t have a solid use case just yet. I’ve been holding off because it’s not clear to me if once activated you pay a fee every month that can’t be stopped.

Is it possible to activate the card. Use it for a month. Deactivate it. 5 months later reactivate it and start paying it will I be charged all the months in between ?


No, you will be charged for an “active” SIM.

Even during the months that it’s deactivated? How would you know that I hadn’t deactivated it permanently then ? That sounds like a contract with no way to end it. Or am I missing something here ???

You will not be charged for the deactivated months. Only for active months, and that’s it. For permanent deactivation, simply inactivate your SIM.

Okay perfect!

That’s what I wanted to know and that’s perfectly fair. Thanks for clarifying. I’ll happily experiment now and not wait for the perfect moment.