Can anyone clarify this confusing / conflicting network converage info?

I’m seeing some confusing and possibly contradictory information about included networks on SixFabConnect and the FAQ/Docs.

The FAQ has a very brief mention of the networks included.*

This seems clear enough except that this appears to be outdated. Instead, this has been replaced by “Fleets”.

Fleets don’t have a Low/All network option and appear to allow individual networks to be selected
individually. Again, that seems straightforward.

But there is different information yet again in the Data Pool section. Here, only 3 of the 4 previously listed Canadian carriers are given.

And if you click on the link for “See available networks for Data Plans” the list of Canadian carriers is now down to just 2.


None of these appear to agree with each other. Which are valid, which are outdated?

Lastly, in the revamped Fleet section for a SIM, where it used to say Low vs All networks, there is no such distinction. There is a custom fleet (only Rogers) but the rest are prepopulated with “Default”. What is default? I’m guessing it’s what used to be considered a Low Cost network group? Etiher way it’s not in the FAQ.

Some clarification would be appreciated.

Hi @moub ,

Thanks for drawing attention to this.

The question you mentioned in the FAQ is outdated. It will be removed soon. By the way, please note that private fleet creation is exclusive to you and not publicly available.

You can think of Data Pools as customized fleets. When you create a fleet, all available networks are shown, but in Data Pools, the specified networks are included.

The PDF list has become outdated and will be updated as soon as possible. The information in the pop-up window is up to date.

Default networks have replaced Low-Cost networks and are now set this way. Default networks cover all countries and exclude expensive networks in cases with multiple prices.

Thanks for getting back to me.

  • Ok, so “default network” == " low cost network". Good to know. Can you share what networks in Canada are available on this plan, or point me to the source? I’m particularly interested in Rogers as that seems to the most pricey of Canada’s carriers but also the one with the greatest coverage.

  • If I understand you, a fleet is the higher level organization and the data pool is below it. So you you can make one, or several, fleets with the networks of your choosing. Then when you decide on a Data Pool, you must use one of your own custom fleets or one of the pre-configured (aka default aka low-cost) fleets to inform your data plan. Is that correct?


Within the default networks, the networks included for Canada are Bell, Rogers Wireless, and Telus. The PAYG prices of these carriers are already the same.

Yes, you understood correctly. Creating a custom fleet provides you with this flexibility among networks.