Call forwarding feature


We want to develop an call forwarding system using Raspberry pi 4 B, and your “Raspberry Pi 4G/LTE Cellular Modem Kit , Quectel EG25-G Mini PCIe” Can you provide me with details on hardware regarding these features:

1)Our application is simple it needs to forward calls to a specified number. Is the call forwarding feature available? if so how it is integrated, any documentation would be helpful.
2) Assume there is 1000 user calling on a given time, how many simultaneous connections does it handle at any given time? is this handled by the hardware or it needs to be implemented on the software side?

Looking forward to your reply

Hi @sairamaaaa,

For settings for call forwarding, please refer to EC25 & EC21AT Commands Manual - Section 11.1.

Please contact the module OEM, they might help you better.

Thank you.